AWS Security Hub adds support for cross-Region aggregation of findings to simplify how you evaluate and improve your AWS security posture

AWS Security Hub now allows you to designate an aggregation Region and link some or all Regions to that aggregation Region. This gives you a centralized view of all your findings across all of your accounts and all of your linked

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1. Good cloud architects are generalists not specialists Government of Canada Enterprise Architecture Framework Amazon, Google and Microsoft announced this morning that they, along with a number of other enterprise companies, have agreed on a series of principles on customer

Interview Questions: Cloud Architect

What is the cloud? what the Benefits of Cloud Computing Cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the Internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software. Cloud Services can be both public and private—public services are provided

Evolution of PaaSes to Platform-as-Code in Kubernetes world!

The evolution of cloud computing brought opportunities to simplify the building of the application stacks. Cloud computing started with the notion of ‘as a Service’ where you have the promise of provisioning elements of this application stack ‘on-demand’. This ‘as

Security best practices for securing data in Amazon S3

With more than 100 trillion objects in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and an almost unimaginably broad set of use cases, securing data stored in Amazon S3 is important for every organization. For that reason, AWS curated the top 10 controls

AWS Security Hub Automated Response and Remediation

Use AWS Security Hub solutions for Automated Response and Remediation. Continuously, AWS is releasing different features on AWS AWS Security Hub.AWS Security Hub features:1. Automated, continuous security best practice checks2. Consolidated findings across AWS services and partner integrations3. A single,

Cut down on your Lambda cost

With serverless coming into focus more and more, services like the AWS Lambda provide a simple to understand, good approach towards the next step in cloud computing. But "serverless" does not mean "no servers". You as a developer just don't

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