Migrating critical Applications and Data workloads to AWS – the first step to becoming Cloud Native

Accelerate your journey to AWS Cloud services

Organizations are transitioning their infrastructure and applications to the cloud at an accelerating rate. Initially the emphasis is to move from costly, inflexible and monolithic technologies to an environment that not only offers savings but also greater agility, security, access to data, and velocity for innovation which creates better business outcomes.

After initial migration, further optimization and transformation can be done to take advantage of Cloud native capabilities and additional innovations such as Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. NorthBay can help you determine the right roadmap and strategy based on your unique requirements and has the deep skillset to co-create real strategic advantages for our customers.

Companies and organizations choose AWS cloud technologies simply because AWS remains the most trusted, and comprehensive service offering for innovating in the cloud, period. And, when selecting an AWS partner, NorthBay continues to stand out and be recommended by AWS and our customers, again and again.

Why Organizations choose Northbay for Application and Database Migration

Migrating applications and databases to the Cloud has proven advantages and benefits, but getting there can be a challenging and difficult process. At NorthBay, we recognize and deal with these challenges head-on to help you make the right decisions and support you every step of the way.

  • We help you understand the many different options available within AWS for your application and database architecture and work with you to decide the optimal approach and migration strategy
  • We can take up the heavy lifting so that your internal staff can stay focused on day to day operations and strategic business priorities. Or, we can partner closely with your internal staff to accelerate the planning and migration execution.
  • We provide the AWS and Cloud expertise that your internal staff may not have but also collaborate and transfer knowledge to them so their application and business knowledge is built into the process and so they can effectively support the new environment.
  • We can help decide the best way to migrate while still keeping business operations running smoothly and minimize downtime.